Stay in control and up-to-date on all of your transactions and data.

A Single Access point for all Reports and Transaction Information

  • Multiple report types to cater for transaction management and online credit card payment reconciliation
  • Multiple report formats to cater for your specific requirements
  • Real-time notification of payments
  • Secure messaging and alert systems

Manage Transactions

Use the Wirecard Web Console software to authorise and capture transactions and to authorise and process Credits, Refunds and Reversals.

Find Transactions

Merchants can view transactional data from within the Merchant Web Console. Advanced Search criteria, such as transaction reference, merchant reference, cardholder name or transaction amount, can be used to locate a transaction.

Reconcile Transactions

Settlement Reports are used to reconcile the amount the acquirer deposited into your bank account to the transaction processed. Each acquirer has specific batch periods that do not work on a 24 hour clock.

Track Usage and Event History

Event History tracks and logs anything a user has done within the Merchant Console. This is an additional security feature that provides a full audit history of any action a user has performed within the Merchant Console.

Integrate with your Financial Systems

Use the TPR secure Web service to retrieve transactional data from the Wirecard reporting database. Transaction information returned from TPR can be used to populate data into financial systems, ERP systems, additional databases or 3rd party applications. Merchants can gain complete control over transaction data reducing increased costs and liability that can be associated with data loss, reduced productivity and manual reconciliation.

These are some of the features provided in the Wirecard Reporting Module to ensure you’re kept up-to-date and in control of your transactions and data. Contact us for more details on our Reporting Module and Web Console.