Recurring: Batch Payments

Manage variable recurring payments.

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Easily manage submission of Credit Card batches – no card storage!

How it Works…

Batch payments enable merchants to upload a monthly batch file with variable amounts to be debited off a credit card. This is most commonly used in industry verticals such as insurance, telecoms, media, gyms and bill payment for the collection of services rendered. In order to process credit card batch payments, sensitive card data such as PAN and Expiry date are required to be stored for subsequent transactions to be submitted. Merchants can replace cardholder data with a Wirecard token that can be used for subsequent submissions.

Key Benefits

  • Card storage not required

  • Ideal for accepting variable recurring payments

  • Ultimate flexibility

  • Complete control over transactions

  • PCI compliant solution

Key Features

  • Upload all payments via a single batch

  • Batch submission results can be downloaded

  • Integrated tokenisation system

  • Files can be submitted and received via CSV or XML

  • View historical transactional information