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Virtual is an easy to integrate online payments solution.

How it Works…

Virtual uses Wirecard’s Secure Hosted Online Payments Page to accept card payments – leaving all the security and payment processing to us. Virtual uses SSL encryption and 3DSecure to provide you with a completely integrated and secure solution for accepting your card payments online. We also take care of the highly regulated security around PCI DSS compliance.

Select from over 25 Payment Page Templates

Choose from over 25 payment page templates that can be branded with your logo, font and background to match your brand. Here’s an example of a Wirecard Payment Template.

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Online: Enterprise

For ultimate flexibility and control over the payment process.

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Wirecard’s Enterprise payment solutions, provides the ultimate flexibility and control over the online payments process with the cardholder remaining in the merchant’s environment at all times.

How it Works…

You integrate to our API from your website or application, which means your customers remain in your online environment at all times. Customers enter their credit card details in your online environment.

This is an ideal solution for merchants who may need to build additional process flows. Transaction types such as Authorise, Capture, Refunds, and Authorise Reversal can all be processed from within the API. Merchants choosing Enterprise will need to integrate with 3D Secure.

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Sample code libraries available in PHP, JAVA, COLDFUSION, ASP .NET

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