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Wirecard’s MOTO Payments solution serves as a secure and cost-effective virtual Point Of Sale (POS) terminal for merchants processing small volumes of transactions.

How it Works…

Wirecard’s My Terminal is a web based payment solution that offers you a secure method of accepting and manually processing online payments. The credit card details are entered by your agent on the Wirecard secure payment page, leaving all of the security and payment processing in our capable hands. This is a great solution for call centres that require agents to accept payments over the phone.

Key Benefits

Accept credit and debit card payments by phone / mail order

  • Easy set-up, minimal programming required

  • Global processing of all major international credit cards from around the world 24/7

  • Multi-currency processing

  • Automatic e-mail confirmation of successful orders can be sent to customer

  • Secure transactions and protection of cardholder data via MyGate’s tokenization system and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol. No need for SSL to be installed by the merchant.

  • Reduced PCI Compliance scope

  • Tokenization system reduces risk of liability

  • Real-time result when the transaction is presented for authorisation.

Key Features

My Virtual is a secure and cost-effective virtual POS terminal for merchants via a Call Centre or Mail Order.

  • Manually process Credit Card or Debit Card payments

  • Declined Reason codes, Error Messages and in-depth message descriptions can be displayed to merchants on the Failure / Success page.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol ensures that data being captured on Wirecard’s payment page is encrypted using two encryption keys.

  • Tokenisation System reduces risk of liability due to breach by allowing cardholder details to be replaced with a token, so that subsequent transactions only require the token and value to be submitted.

  • Automated e-mail confirmation can be sent to cardholder for successful purchases.

MOTO: Enterprise

Manual Payments for In-house Systems.

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Gain more control over the payment process and integration with your own Sales Order and Financial System.

How is Works…

Call Centres requiring direct integration to Wirecard for manual payments can use the Enterprise MOTO Payments solution.  This enables the payment process to be fully automated to a sales order and financial system reducing significant costs associated with manual reconciliation and resources.

Wirecard’s Enterprise MOTO Payments is a high performance payment solution that resides on your server. To access Wirecard’s payment functionality, you are required to integrate to Wirecard’s API and use a Web service to access the Wirecard server.

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