Fraud within Card Not Present (CNP) is on the rise. Reduce your risk with MyGate’s Fraud Module.

MyGate understands the risk of fraud and charge backs and have thus developed a Fraud Module that can aid in the reduction of credit card fraud for merchants.

By using IP address locaters, BIN origins and shipping addresses, the Fraud Module helps merchants identify potential fraudulent transactions. Merchants can configure the Fraud Module Options to flag or fail transactions within the MyGate Web Console based on specific transactional behaviour. Each of the merchant’s websites can be uniquely configured by the merchant with its own set of processing thresholds.

Failed and Flagged Transactions

Based on the merchant’s specific requirements, a transaction can be failed or flagged. A failed transaction means that the transaction will be failed (declined) prior to the transaction being sent to the bank for authorisation. A flagged transaction will be sent to the bank for authorisation but will have a flagged status within the Fraud Module. A merchant can then analyse the transaction before delivering the goods or settling the transaction.

Reporting and Alerts

Merchants can be notified via e-mail or access reports for an overview of transactions that have been flagged or have failed.

Merchants can view the following transaction detail:

  • Fraud type
  • Fraud description
  • Reason for Flag or Failed status
  • Suggested merchant action


Set up blacklists to block purchase attempts from suspicious or known perpetrators of fraud. Blacklist by:

  • E-mail domains, e.g. free e-mail domains
  • Specific credit card numbers
  • Specific e-mail addresses
  • Specific countries, regions or cities

Repeated Failure Identification (RFI)

Repeated Failure Identification works in conjunction with blacklisting and allows the merchant to set the amount of failed attempts by purchaser before they are blocked from making further attempts. If a purchaser makes too many purchase attempts without success, it could mean that certain card detail is trying to be guessed.

Global IP Recognition (GIR)

GIR compares the purchaser’s delivery address to the global geographic location assigned to their IP address.

This would aid in identifying if someone was purchasing on your website and their billing address is in the UK, but their IP address is in Germany. Further investigation can be applied before delivery of goods.

These are some of the features provided in the MyGate Fraud Module to ensure you’re protected at all times from fraudulent transactions. Contact us for more details on our Fraud Module.