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Africa has become a point of global interest for manufacturers as they look for ways to benefit from the healthy economic growth rates in numerous countries on the continent. Kenya is of particular interest as it is well positioned as a hub for exploring domestic opportunities as well as opportunities in the rest of East Africa. As of 2016, the current Kenyan population is an estimated 52 200 000 with 26% of the population living in urban areas.

E-commerce companies have matured quickly in Kenya and have positioned themselves to grow market share. Mobile commerce has been a key driver with many e-commerce merchants focusing on sales through mobile applications.

Kenya Payment Gateway

Wirecard is an enterprise payment gateway enabling merchants to accept online payments in Kenya. Our payment gateway processes online payments for verticals such as bill payment, eRetail, airlines and digital goods. Kenyan Shillings will be settled into the merchant’s local Kenyan bank account. With Wirecard you can also easily accept credit card payments in Kenya.

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