Minimise the risk and liability to your business from storing sensitive payment details with Wirecard’s Payment Vault and Tokenisation service.

The risks, costs and challenges associated with storing credit card data within your environment are well known. Credit card data encryption was cited as the single greatest challenge merchants face when achieving PCI Compliance.

Fortunately, Wirecard’s Payment Vault and Tokenisation Solutions takes the risk out of storing payment details by replacing them with a dynamically generated token. This token can then be re-used for future payments without the need to store sensitive cardholder details.

Rather than encrypting sensitive data, it is better to keep it out of the database and replace the credit card information with a random token that then links back to Wirecard’s database, which will be used for transaction processing. If your servers were to be compromised you are safe, because the tokens can only be used with your payment gateway and merchant account.

The benefits of Payment Vault and Tokenisation are far reaching including the reduction of PCI Compliance scope and increased security as no sensitive card data is present in a merchant environment – even in the case of a breach.

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