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Subscribe to Wirecard’s Tokenisation System and take the risk out of storing payment details. Wirecard’s Tokenisation system replaces cardholder details with a dynamically generated token, which can be re-used for subsequent purchases. This is ideal for merchants who want to submit debits against credit cards.

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Secure online payment gateways

Bank Account Validation

Wirecard’s Bank Account Validation Service verifies that a bank account and branch code are valid thus reducing debit costs, as no invalid account returns take place after debit order submission.

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Bank Account Verification

Wirecard’s Bank Account Verification Service verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied. This aids to ensure account holder information is correct before debit submission.

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Users can view collection reports from within the Wirecard Web Console. Reports can be e-mailed or downloaded in CSV from within the report. Advanced Search criteria such as transaction reference, account detail, statuses or transaction amount can be used to locate a debit.

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