At the recent Technology Innovator Awards, MyGate, a well-known payment gateway service provider, was awarded the Best Africa Online Payment Gateway of 2016. Speaking to Mr. Glen Ross after the prestigious win he elatedly said, “We are honoured to accept this award.  I think this is a reflection of how MyGate has used technology and expertise to drive payment innovation across Africa for banks, merchants, and consumers.”

MyGate has been making waves in the industry by providing reliable services to clients across a number of industries. The team at the company work tirelessly to provide merchants across the African continent with a reliable way for their customers to make online payments. This is a service which has helped businesses grow and increase turnover.

Praising the hard working team Mr. Ross said, “We understand that we are at the forefront of payments and in some cases are driving world firsts for online payments in certain countries. It is this focus that drives our people forward.”

At the moment, MyGate is supplying national and international online payment solutions for their clients, making sure that payments can be made in multiple currencies. The special attention given to clients means that services are tailor-made according to the requirements set out by the clients. The service that is provided is always secure and merchants can use hosted payment pages to reduce PCI compliance scope. Online payment gateways are helping merchants across Africa grow, and MyGate is applying their in-depth knowledge to assist these merchants.

One way that this is possible is through the approach that MyGate takes towards each region. As Mr. Ross explains, “Payment processing can differ country by country which can complicate the payment ecosystem.  Our technology is able to simplify this for merchant and bank so that time to market, complexity and costs remain as low as possible.  Merchants want to deal with one provider for technology, acquiring rates and support for multiple markets and that is what we offer.”

The future is looking bright for MyGate. They gave a little insight into their future plans, “Africa mobile penetration is one of the highest in the world, with some reports estimating mobile penetration at 80%.  We believe our debit and credit card solutions are helping consumer’s access services that were previously not available and aid in a reduction in cost to access services, particularly in channels such as bill payment and digital goods.  The mobile phone is going to pave the way for e-commerce in Africa.”

You can contact MyGate for all of your online payment gateway requirements. They can assist you with a specialised service. Pay a visit to their website to find out more or send them an email to