These days just about every business owner has a website which works to not only represent the company but to also act as an online shop. It has been proven that online shops offering customers an effective way to do an online payment will grow sales. An online payment system gives customers the opportunity to buy and pay for products regardless of where they are in Africa or the globe. This freedom helps businesses to reach their full potential while it also builds up a great customer-business relationship.

MyGate, a South African payment gateway service provider, offers the ultimate solution for businesses looking to give their customers an easy and safe online shopping experience. We have helped some of the biggest companies across Africa to incorporate an online payment processing gateway into their online shops, giving their customers the kind of shopping experience that will have them coming back for more.

What is an online payment gateway?

An online payment gateway is a service provided by an e-commerce provider which enables merchants to process payments online. Basically, it enables merchants to accept credit card and debit card payments, and process them to the bank. Have the system to process credit card payments online simplifies the shopping experience. This service is usually ideal for e-commerce business owners selling physical products while it is also a great service for those companies that want to allow their clients to pay their monthly accounts online.

Online payment methods simplify the lives of both the merchant and the customer.

When you sign up for online payment processing from MyGate, you will be partnering in a service that is going to help you to increase your sales. Our online payment gateway is safe to use, protecting the financial details of both the customer and the company. We understand that when customers pay online, there might always be a concern from their side about the safety of the information they are putting in, but our online payment gateway is PCI compliant and the MyGate brand builds confidence in processing credit and debit card payments. Credit card payment gateways create more opportunities for businesses and customers alike.

As an international payment gateway, and with our reputation as one of the best ecommerce payment gateway options, your clients are guaranteed to have their information protected.

Online payment providers play an important role in the world of e-commerce.

As the business world continues its move online, online payment providers are playing an increasingly important role in business. A payment gateway service is vital for any company wanting to process payments through their websites or an application. This includes catering for mobile payments and well as in app payments.


Pay online with credit and debit cards from a mobile device.

MyGate’s mobile payment pages are specifically designed for use on all web-enabled mobile phones and portable devices, such as tablets. During the payment process, MyGate will detect the device during the transaction process and render the page to fit to the physical width of the device that the customer is using. Merchants can process debit and credit card payments online when customers use mobile devices. The process remains the same regardless of the device used by customers.

MyGate’s Mobile Payment Pages support all major mobile browsers, and support IOS and Android operating systems. The Mobile Payment Pages are already integrated with MyGate’s hosted payment pages and merchants have the option of selecting different themes based on their brands look and feel.

South Africa’s payment solutions options

MyGate is one of South Africa’s most popular online payment processors and is a reputable international payment gateway among many large enterprise merchants. We offer our services to merchants throughout Africa and merchants can receive payment from any country we operate in; payments are also converted into the appropriate currency. This allows merchants to expand their client base and improve their business no matter where their customers are from.

We are part of the list of pay gateway providers offering reliable, swift and simple payment processing options. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to be able to pay online and you will enjoy the convenience of simple online payment processing when you accept payments online.

Contact us today and find out how you can add MyGate payment systems to your website.