From within the MyGate Web Console you can configure your settings, view credit card reporting
and manage transactions. This document is a best practice guide to managing security around the
MyGate web console access security.

MyGate Web Console Login Details
Create a strong security profile
The information in your security profile, including your password and security questions and
answers, is your best line of defence on the Internet. If this information becomes compromised or is
easy to guess, unauthorized users are more likely to get through technological controls designed to
keep them out. Here are a few tips for keeping this personal information safe:

  • Never share your password or user name with anyone or store them on your computer.
  • Practice smart password management. Create longer passwords; generally, they’re more secure than shorter ones.
  • Use a unique password.
  • Passwords can be secure and memorable. You can create a password that’s difficult for someone to guess, yet still memorable to you. Try one of these suggestions to create a strong password:
  • Combine two or more words or abbreviations with numbers. For example, joe34blog
  • Abbreviate a favourite phrase. For example, I ride my bike 50 miles every Saturday becomes irmb50mes.

Password dos and don’ts
Your password should be:

  • Comprised of letters and numbers.
  • Different than your passwords on other financial sites.
  • Changed on a regular basis.

Your password should NOT be:

  • Written down or stored on your computer.
  • A common word or close variation.
  • Comprised of anyone’s social security number, name, or other personal information.
  • Comprised of three or more sequential letters, numbers, or keyboard patterns (e.g., QWERTY).
  • A minor change from your old password. For example, if your previous password was joe34blog, your next password should not be joe35blog.

MyGate Web Console Security
The privacy and security of your account information are extremely important to us. MyGate uses
the following features and technologies to help ensure the security of your personal and financial
information during online transactions.

Web browser encryption.
To access your Web Console through, your Web browser must support 128-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3.0 protocol. These technologies provide the highest level of security and privacy when you access account information, initiate online account transactions, or send secure messages.

Extended validation certificates.
Certain browsers—including Internet Explorer version 7, Firefox version 3, and Opera version 9.5, on Windows XP or Vista—will highlight the address bar in green when you’ve accessed a trusted website to help prevent “phishing” attacks. A technology called extended validation certificates makes this possible through Verisign. MyGate passed subscribes to this SSL audit to get this certificate from Verisign, a leading certificate authority company. (Other browsers may recognize extended validation certificates in the future.)

User name and password protection.
Your MyGate user name must be your email address and a valid one. Your password must contain 6 to 10 characters.

A time-out feature.
Secure areas of our site have built-in timers that terminate your access after a specified amount of time to help reduce the possibility of unauthorized access from an unattended computer. When you finish viewing your account information, log off the site and close your browser.

Masking credit card numbers.
To prevent unauthorized users from viewing credit card details online, we only display first and last four digits of a card number. All other digits will be masked by asterisks.

Extra verification.
We’ll send confirmation letters or e-mails when changes are made on your account. If you receive a letter confirming a change you did not authorize, contact MyGate immediately.