Introduction to Enterprise

MyGate’s Enterprise payment solution range allows merchants to remain in complete control over the entire payment process. The cardholder is never required to leave the merchants environment. Enterprise is a high performance TCP/IP payment solution that resides on the merchants server. You can build your own API and use a web service to access the MyGate server. The transaction details of the transactions are passed to the MyGate Payment Gateway from your website using web services.
This is an efficient method of ensuring that any payment page is neatly under the control of an organisations website or application and an excellent way to micromanage even the smallest of details. When combined with SSL, a secure platform emerges which can be designed to work proficiently with your payment processing requirements.

My Enterprise Overview

  • Merchant can host their own payment page
  • Applications can integrate directly
  • The merchant is required to install SSL
  • The merchant controls each and every phase of the transaction
  • Can be used for ecommerce, mobile commerce, MOTO and recurring payments.


Enterprise relies on web services for the processing of transactions. A web service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine-processable format (specifically WSDL). Other systems interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its description using SOAP messages, typically conveyed using HTTP with an XML serialization in conjunction with other web-related standards.

MyGate’s Transaction Pipeline Specification

All Enterprise solutions use MyGate’s Transaction Pipeline Specification Format for processing authorizations and other message types into MasterCard and Visa authorization and settlement systems. The transaction pipeline provides enough information necessary to build the financial message between the merchant and acquirer’s authorization system. All message types are managed within the Transaction Pipeline Specification.

Benefits of MyGate’s message standard include:

  • Flexibility—Customers may use this interface as a “gateway” to any acquirer / bank or that MyGate integrates with globally.
  • Network—This interface allows merchants to access MyGate’s bank processing network with ability to share full redundancy.
  • Integration—MyGate’s message standard provides merchants with a simple web service interface that takes away the requirement for direct bank integration to ISO8583 standards.

My Enterprise Payment Process

Illustration: My Enterprise Payment Process

Step 1 – Cardholder makes purchase from merchants website.
Step 2 – Merchant displays payment page.
Step 2 – Merchant uses a web service to transmit data using SSL to MyGate
Step 3 – MyGate receives the transaction request and performs validation on the credit card detail and other data elements submitted.
Step 3 – MyGate processes the transaction to merchant Bank.
Step 4 – The merchant bank processes the transaction and returns a successful or declined message to MyGate.
Step 5 – MyGate returns this result and/or error code with description back to the Merchant Website address specified in the Web Service call.
Step 6 – If the notifications are enabled, (from the MyGate Web Console) MyGate will notify the merchant by email of the transaction details.

Why go with Enterprise?

  • Ultimate Flexibility and Control
  • Adding Additional Process Flows
  • Transaction Management
  • System Integration
  • Code Independent

Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Enterprise gives you complete control over the payment process. Merchants are not required to log into the MyGate Web Console to initiate any transaction types. Full transaction management, decision rules, security management and integration freedom can be experienced with Enterprise.

Adding Additional Process Flows

Enterprise gives you the freedom to add additional process or transactional flows before and after the enterprise transaction regardless of the vendor or technology.


  • 3rd Party Fraud Systems
  • 3D Secure / Payer Authentication
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Additional Payment Options

Transaction Management
Complete control of each and every phase of the transaction can be maintained from within the merchants application using enterprise.

Manage transaction types such as:

  • Authorize
  • Capture
  • Authorize & Capture (Sale)
  • Authorization Reversals
  • Refunds / Credits

System Integration

Flexibility also extends with the capability to integrate with existing back end systems. Enterprise is simply a singular interface within a larger enterprise eco-system, which may integrate with the following system types:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Financial
  • Proprietary applications
  • Mobile
  • Shopping Carts
  • Websites

Code Independent

Enterprise is an open standard using XML as a standard to handles all messaging to the transaction pipeline. Merchants and developers maintain flexibility and control over what coding language they are utilizing when integrating into Enterprise. Sample Code libraries are provided to ease and speed up the integration process ensuring that cost and time spent are kept to a minimum.


  • Reduction in integration costs
  • Quicker Development Time
  • Integrates with any coding language


Enterprise Solution Stack

My Enterprise

My Enterprise enables the complete control over the entire payment process. My Enterprise is generally utilized for once off payments and can be integrated with any
application. My Enterprise is most commonly integrated with websites, shopping carts, stand alone applications, booking systems or any application requiring payment
enablement. For online payments, the payment page can be hosted by the merchant and the card holder never leaves the merchants environment. Stand Alone applications can use web services to process payments to MyGate.

Recurring Payments (RCCB) – Enterprise

Recurring Credit Card Billing (RCCB) – Enterprise gives complete control over the recurring payment process as the merchant hosts the payment page. The functionality allows a website to post through a transaction value to be debited, frequency of debit and for what period in which the credit card is to be debited. RCCB is typically used for subscription based services and provides for fully automated recurring billing. Debits to credit cards can occur weekly, monthly or annually. The initial transaction is initiated by the card holder (push) and subsequent transactions are initiated by MyGate (pull) based on the parameters passed through on the initial
transaction. The solution requires the merchant to host their own payment page.

1Click – Enterprise

Simplify the card holders experience when making payments. 1Click is a tokenization solution that enables card holders to only enter CVV after the initiated transaction.
1Click offers the card holder a simplified checkout experience when making a payment. The solution caters for customers that repeatedly purchase goods or services from a merchants website by simplifying the checkout. 1Click will tokenize the card holder’s details during the initial transaction. For subsequent transactions, the card holder is only required to enter their CVV to process the payment making the checkout process more simplified.