All business reporting for online payments can be accessed from within the MyGate Web Console. Once you have signed up with MyGate, you will be emailed a login password to access the Web Console. From within the Web Console you will have access to business reports, transaction management and configuration.

Business Reporting Overview

  • Single access point for all online payment options
  • Multiple reports types to cater for transaction management and payment reconciliation
  • Multiple report formats to cater for your specific requirements.
  • Real time notification of payments

Reporting Ecosystem

The below diagram illustrates MyGate’s Web Console business reporting structure.

Online Payment Reporting

Payment Options

Merchants can report on all of the payment options that are being processed through MyGate. These include all credit card types such as MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners, Solo and JCB as well as any alternative payment option that MyGate integrates with.

Differentiated View Points

Within each payment option you can select to view reports based on solution type, application name, application ID or bank issued Merchant ID. Additional search criteria can be searched on and is covered within Report Type below.


Report Types

Transaction Report

The transaction report is used to view any transaction that was processed to the acquirer / bank. The report will identify the state of the transaction, i.e. successful, declined, authorized etc.

Illustration: Credit Card Transaction Report Search Result

In Depth Transaction View

In depth transaction detail can be viewed when viewing the transaction. These details can assist in making business decisions and enables real time access to identify more information that can aid with reconciliation, customer identification, chargeback management, manual review for potential fraud and card issuer information.

Illustration: Credit Card Transaction Report Search Result

Settlement Report (Recon Component)

The Settlement report is used to view the transactions that were processed to the bank on a specific day. This report can be used as reconciliation tool to balance what the bank has settled into your bank account. The settlement report will display a summary of all transactions processed to the bank in a batch format. A unique batch identifier will be created and linked to each batch. Transaction Details of these summaries can be viewed in the web console or downloaded in CSV

Fraud Reporting

If you have enabled and configured the Fraud Module, certain transactions can be either be flagged or blocked for Fraud. Fraud incident descriptions and suggested
action points are provided assisting with the manual review process.

Additional Fraud Information:

  • In-depth Transaction Detail
  • Fraud Alert Detail
  • Fraud Description
  • Reason
  • Merchant Action


User Audit History

A full audit trail of all configuration change, transaction processing and data capture is stored on each user in the system. This aids with providing a history off all
actions taken within the Web Console if a user audit is required.

Reporting Formats

Various reporting format are provided to cater for your specific requirements. All web console reporting can be downloaded in a CSV file format or emailed. CSV files can be used to import into other systems if required.

MyGate also offers XML reporting on transaction reports. Separate integration to a web service is
required to access this service.

Reporting Formats:

  • Web Reporting
  • Email
  • File Export
  • XML