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A three-step path to business renewal

In response to the global impact of COVID-19, Wirecard Solutions South Africa invites you on a virtual journey of business recovery and renewal.



Step 1 – Reset

A free webinar featuring
The Big Positive Guy, Andre du Toit.
Monday 20 April, 11:00am

Andre’s unique perspective-share,
entitled The New Normal will
help you to reset to our
rapidly-changing reality. 



A free webinar with
Elzabè Opperman from The Talking Point.
Friday 24 April, 11:00am

Elzabè will focus on developing effective coping strategies and behaviour skills for resilience-building, and for rebuilding our families, communities and businesses.



Step 3 – Renew

A free webinar
with master facilitator, Peter Thomas.
Wednesday 29 April, 11:00am

Peter’s unique visual-mapping methodology will help you and your team to envision a new future for your business, built on a stronger, more sustainable foundation.

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